I speak at software development conferences, meetups and organisations around the world; delivering keynotes, presentations, training courses and workshops. In 2013, I won the IEEE Software sponsored SATURN 2013 "Architecture in Practice" Presentation Award for my presentation about the conflict between agile and architecture. Many of the conference talks that I've presented can be found on YouTube.

Visualising software architecture with the C4 model
Agile on the Beach 2019 - Falmouth, England - July 2019

Diagrams as code 2.0
GOTO Copenhagen - Copenhagen, Denmark - October 2021

Expert Talk: DevOps & Software Architecture • Simon Brown, Dave Farley & Hannes Lowette
GOTO Copenhagen - Copenhagen, Denmark - October 2021

Five Things Every Developer Should Know about Software Architecture
GOTOpia - November 2020

The lost art of software design
YOW! 2019 - Brisbane, Australia - December 2019

Modular monoliths
GOTO Berlin 2018 - Berlin, Germany - November 2018

The model-code gap
SC London 2018 - London, England - October 2018

Software Architecture for Developers
YOW! Conference - Brisbane, Australia - December 2017

Although most of the work that I do is on-site with organisations (I have clients in over 30 countries), I do speak at a number of public events. Here is my recent and future public speaking schedule:





I run software architecture workshops at organisations across the globe, the content of which is based upon my Software Architecture for Developers books. These workshops, aimed at software developers and architects, are a guide to modern software architecture that's pragmatic rather than academic, and lightweight rather than "enterprisey". They are occasionally run publicly via training providers or conferences but most are private, on-site workshops held directly with organisations.

Please see architectis.je for more information.


I've authored and contributed content to a number of books, as well as being a technical reviewer on others. I've also written articles for places like InfoQ, Voxxed, Methods & Tools, NLJUG, etc.

Software architecture for developers
The C4 model for visualising software architecture
The software guidebook

Software Architecture for Developers Pro JSP 2 Pro JSP 3rd Edition Professional JSP Tag Libraries Professional Java Servlets 2.3 Professional JSP 2nd Edition Talking with Tech Leads Design It! Clean Architecture Software Architect Elevator

Articles, interviews, and podcasts

GOTO: Software Architecture for Developers (Teaser)
March 2021

GOTO: Software Architecture for Developers (part 1)
March 2021

GOTO: Software Architecture for Developers (part 2)
March 2021

Mozaic Works: Agile Challenges - Architecture, Design, and C4 Model
September 2020


ZDNet: "What we've lost in the push to agile software development, and how to get it back"
August 2020

Microsoft 425 Show - Software architecture, security and design with Simon Brown
July 2020

And also InfoQ, Voxxed (video interview), Pivotal Web Services, Software Engineering Daily, Software Engineering Radio, Fog Creek, Magpie Talkshow, The Agile Revolution, O'Reilly, etc.